Saturday, November 6, 2010

God Agenda

The It Gets Better Campaign has drawn attention to the prevalence of suicide among homosexual youths which has prompted some school systems to include homosexuality in their tolerance curriculum which in turn is coming up against Christian outrage.

Pastor Rick DeMato of Liberty Baptist Church in Montana, while shocked by the new guidelines in his school system, said "Of course we’re all against bullying." But is he really? It's difficult for an anti-bullying campaign to get through to people who worship the biggest bully in history. Read his book, if you don't agree with his agenda then... wrath, vengeance, it doesn't get better. It's like the vicious cycle of battered children becoming abusive parents, they don't know any better because that's how they were taught to deal with those who don't follow their rules.

Pastor DeMato went on to say "But the Bible says very clearly that homosexuality is wrong, and Christians don’t want the schools to teach subjects that are repulsive to their values.”

Here's the thing, I get it that you don't agree with homosexuality but don't claim you're against bullying, because you're not. It's part of your curriculum. And that is why we have separation of church and state. No matter what Christine O'Donnell "thinks."


Anonymous said...

where is it?

Robyn Adams said...

Where is what? I don't want to jump to conclusions as to if you're asking about where separation of church and state is in the constitution or where Christians are against gays in the bible or where you last left your sunglasses because I haven't seen them lately.