Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trisomy 21

Other than getting the spelling AND the number of Chromosomes involved in "Mongoloidism" wrong, I can find no other problems with this craigslist posting.

MC Homicide, the dopest up and coming rapper in Suffolk County needs Mongoloid rappers for a Rap-Off competition.

Recently acquitted from his 7th murder trial, MC Homicide is ready to show the world his skillz by defeating over 100 Mongoloid rappers in rap-off at the Red Lobster in Times Square next week.

Just off the road from a tour of tri-state area group homes, his new smash hit, "Mongoloidz Ain't Shit" has already gone triple platinum in South Jersey and now its time to show the world what he can do

You must have flow, a good look and all but one of your intended chromosones.

Send your headshot and myspace link for review.

To view a clip of MC Homicide dissing a ho, click here: http://vimeo.com/19667835

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