Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Walk Of Shame

Regarding the no paper in the toilet situation in Sochi, the exact same thing happened to me at a bar in downtown LA. And the trash can wasn't nestled sweetly next to the toilet but outside of the stalls next to the sinks. So after peeing on ice, like I'm standing at a urinal, you then got to juggle your TP in one hand, put your pants on with the other, walk past the line of ladies in waiting who are about to discover this camping situation, and toss it into the can next to the sinks. Thus absolutely proving (and there's no possible way that I'm overstating this) that 30 years after the '84 Olympics, LA is just as modern as Putin's Russia.

(There was a bathroom attendant enforcing this toilet paper walkabout, otherwise I'm sure people would have just been like, "I can't even.")

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