Monday, August 24, 2009

"We Need to Get Control of the Media"

At the healthcare townhall meeting this weekend in Los Angeles with Maxine Waters, a man got up to speak about the rumors and fabrications in the media. He kept repeating "We need to Get Control of the Media" which while I know what he's saying, isn't the way to say it. Because it sounds like censorship when it should be a call for re-branding. Like when a product is new, you can only keep that word on the box of cereal for six months and then the government doesn't allow it as it's not new any more. When there's a certain amount of opinion or unsubstantiated "facts" then the word news shouldn't be allowed in your title. It should be something like Fox Opinion or MSNBC Diatribe.

Below is the video I recorded of his concerns. Which, like my earlier blog on the topic was just a story he wanted to tell, not a question he wanted to ask.

PS, the photo above is of the two cameras from the media who were there during the speeches but had already left at the time of this man's speech.

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