Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Eyeball Work

Bora Indian Girl

I did a report on Ocelots in elementary school but I just can't help feeling like this one's looking right through me.

And yet, it's the orange color, not its tarnished reputation, that keeps me from drinking it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Iquitos Logistics

After my MacBook Pro decided that vibrating at 2 second intervals was the way to react to the usual ungrounded Peruvian electrical source, I mimed my way through the purchase of a power strip, then pried the outlet cover off and bent the grounding prong so that it touched one of the screws. More MacGruber than MacGyver. I know, I know, vibrator and screw.

Otherwise, this is my favorite entrance to the jungle sign...

And this is the most efficient use of a road...

And this, is the plane that they should wash so that I might not think that they have abandoned planes on the side of the runway at Iquitos airport.

Packing for the Amazon

I fit all of this...

... into these...

Then, I went to the airport, dropped my ticket and after retracing my steps, found it in the furthest restaurant from the gate where they were calling final boarding. Now, I'm at Lima Airport where my 5 hour layover turned into 6 hours and 10 minutes and they moved the gate downstairs. But everything fit and that was really the hardest part... so far.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Truthfully Incorrect

Tea Party Senate nominee, Christine O'Donnell claimed 12 years ago that she wouldn't lie to Nazis if she were harboring Jews in her home because lying is wrong. Would sending a pregnant Jew to death count as accessory to abortion? Tune in for the sinful conundrums and stay for the nostalgia of Eddie Izzard's transvestite period.

This is the portion that everyone's a twitter about.

And this the portion that proceeded it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My EP of Warehouse 13

Here's the promo and it airs next week (9/14).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, No Comment Section

Hey, MSNBC, do you read the articles that you link to? Cause, the article, "Hiker Rescued in Angeles National Forest", which you linked to from has all of the qualities of a blog post that someone didn't bother to proof before they posted it.

The first sentence just seemed a little redundant: "...was seriously injured when she was hurt..." So, she was injured, as well as hurt. Very thorough.

But then the second sentence, that's where it starts to really get sloppy: "The 20-year-old woman was at the goofing around near..." What a coincidence! The goofing around near is my favorite spot to hike.

And then there was this sad spelling situation: " was all for not..." Well, at least he didn't spell it knot. Naught that he would no the difference.

Finally, my favorite part of local LA news laziness: "That was good new for the female hiker who was hurt and really need help." Oh, person who works for the evening new. I really need that.

My last post was about the inanity of comment sections but at least those inane comment sections were allowed to exist, this article has no comment section for to make fun of its content with.

Here's a screen capture just in case they take it down:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh, Comment Section

You are the most reliable source for a laugh on this big blue planet of ours. Obviously, if you're at the bottom of an article about politics, then you're going to get over the top political from the get go but it usually takes about 20 comments for an article about a dog saving its owner from a coyote attack to get around to questioning Obama's birth record. But this one, I mean, I thought, "Sunbather Run Over by Newport Beach Lifeguard Seeks $850,000", well, that makes much more sense than 3 million for a lap full of McDonald's coffee. But take a look at this screen capture of the first three comments:

Right from the first post, it gets fairly silly and then by the third we're on to immigration reform. From actual broken pelvis to assumed illegal immigrant in no time flat. I mean, how did you skip right over health care reform? This was a great opportunity for that. But what I think we should all learn from this is that welfare queens, global warming myth, terrorists.