Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, No Comment Section

Hey, MSNBC, do you read the articles that you link to? Cause, the article, "Hiker Rescued in Angeles National Forest", which you linked to from has all of the qualities of a blog post that someone didn't bother to proof before they posted it.

The first sentence just seemed a little redundant: "...was seriously injured when she was hurt..." So, she was injured, as well as hurt. Very thorough.

But then the second sentence, that's where it starts to really get sloppy: "The 20-year-old woman was at the goofing around near..." What a coincidence! The goofing around near is my favorite spot to hike.

And then there was this sad spelling situation: " was all for not..." Well, at least he didn't spell it knot. Naught that he would no the difference.

Finally, my favorite part of local LA news laziness: "That was good new for the female hiker who was hurt and really need help." Oh, person who works for the evening new. I really need that.

My last post was about the inanity of comment sections but at least those inane comment sections were allowed to exist, this article has no comment section for to make fun of its content with.

Here's a screen capture just in case they take it down:

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