Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh, Comment Section

You are the most reliable source for a laugh on this big blue planet of ours. Obviously, if you're at the bottom of an article about politics, then you're going to get over the top political from the get go but it usually takes about 20 comments for an article about a dog saving its owner from a coyote attack to get around to questioning Obama's birth record. But this one, I mean, I thought, "Sunbather Run Over by Newport Beach Lifeguard Seeks $850,000", well, that makes much more sense than 3 million for a lap full of McDonald's coffee. But take a look at this screen capture of the first three comments:

Right from the first post, it gets fairly silly and then by the third we're on to immigration reform. From actual broken pelvis to assumed illegal immigrant in no time flat. I mean, how did you skip right over health care reform? This was a great opportunity for that. But what I think we should all learn from this is that welfare queens, global warming myth, terrorists.

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