Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kayaking Santa Cruz

While taking the ferry back from a cave kayaking trip on Santa Cruz Island on December 23rd, an hour out of Ventura Harbor, CA we came across two pods of Orca. Our guide said that it was the most he'd seen in 24 years of guiding. Today, the LA Times published an article that said that spotting Orca is a rare occurrence and that the two families had been spotted off of the Palos Verdes Peninsula this weekend and had been seen in Ventura previously. A priori my shot below is one of the Killer Whales that they were writing about.

This was my first wild Orca. I like him.

That section of the water that looks like it's on fire, is a humpback whale exhaling via his tiny grey sliver.

Santa Cruz cave kayaking was the goal of the trip and so here's that perspective.

This Sea Lion winked at me.

Posthumous King Jung Il sighting on the ferry ride over.

That's me.

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