Monday, July 29, 2013

Surf Riot

When I saw the headline "Surf Riot in Huntington Beach Last Night." I thought, "'Surf Riot' now that's a good band name." Then I thought Fox News will cover it as "Yet another Trayvon riot." And then I googled it and found out that there was a much more destructive riot in 1986 at the exact same event, which has since been renamed, and none of the articles I was reading mentioned that history. Exactly why is it so hard for reporters to google? I mean, the "Los Angeles Times" didn't mention it and they wrote a substantial article about it in 1986 telling the story of a lifeguard protecting medical equipment in their headquarters from looters by shooting into the ceiling to disperse the crowd.

Anyways, here's a guy using a surf board as kindling below. It's at least much more on topic for a surf riot than piercing a bike store window with a stop sign, though it can be said that destroying a surf board at a surfing event is also just a tad bit ironic.

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