Friday, June 19, 2009

Religious Segregation

Watching Khamenei speak to a crowd full of guys. No women in the crowd as he makes fun of "the husband of this woman who speaks for him." And they laugh.

Sounds like a Leno joke during the Clinton administration. I'm waiting for the dancing Ayatollahs to come out any second.

And now the immediate feigned Glenn Beck style crying. "I want those around me to know that I'm so religious that I'm so overcome with emotion that my shoulders are shaking and I have to hide my eyes." Oh, look they're fine, seconds later, no longer overcome with emotion.

The crowd beneath the cover reminds me of chickens in a coop clucking along and rustling their feathers.

And so this man with a mighty presumptuous title has said that the election was a definitive victory that cannot be challenged on the streets.

Oh, yeah? It can, it has, and it will.

Yes, we can.

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