Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reagan Propaganda Extends to

Man, did I come across a full-on Reagan propaganda machine on his imdb bio page. You'll enjoy such fun facts as "Ronald Reagan is, arguably, the most successful actor in history" and "He once had to retrieve an old man's dentures at the bottom of the pool and did so without hesitating."

Upon further investigation you will find that his entire comment section is filled by "two" posters "Conservatives are Awwesome" (their spelling) and "Flight Suit Boyy" (also their spelling) from just two days ago and are posted in the order of every other in an attempt to look like two different people.

Take a look at it for yourself, "they've" covered everything from: "Put Ronald Reagan on Mount Rushmore" to "Why Extremists dislike Reagan and Ike (because of their jealousy!)." Shouldn't that be spelled "Xtremists", Mr. "Hip" Nomenclature?

Let's find out more about these "Xtremely spelled" 80s style user names:

Conservatives Are Awwesome joined April 26, 2006 and was last active July 23, 2009 and all of his posts except for one are on Reagan's site. The one exception being a post on Ike's wall.

Flight Suit Boyy, presumably George W Bush, joined April 25, 2006 and was also last active on July 23, 2009 and has posted exclusively on Reagan's site.

Hmm. One day apart in joining imdb and sudden activity in the past three days...

Well anyways, I'll leave you with these parting repetitions from Flight Suit Boyy "Reagan achieved this with astonishing swiftness... Reagan quickly taught O'Neill new lessons in hardball... In a breathtakingly short time by political standards, the Cold War ended in Western victory." Yes, speed = great President.

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