Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Can Always Go Younger

I wrote this song last year after two separate teenagers went on solo sailing trips around the world, vying for the title of youngest to circumnavigate the globe. This caused me to think, like so many others, well, they're going to start pushing the boundaries of age until something bad happens. And now, a 16-year-old girl has very likely capsized in the Indian Ocean. Rescue teams are on their way there now.

And so here's to her safe recovery and the song that her previously anticipated story inspired:

It was a sunny day in the marina
A mother watched her son prepare

It wasn’t so much general practice
As much as it was a general dare

The sail boat was loaded
The reporters there to send him off

Around the world was his destination
A solo trip at any cost

Fast and swift and barely six… months old
He’s Billy the Infant Sailor

The reporter questioned his parent’s motives
They said he’s been sailing all his life
The reporter noted “that life’s been mighty short”
To which the father said, “that’s true, you’re right”

Blogs and books and diaper hooks
He’s Billy the Infant Sailor

Homeschooled he be
When he lives on the sea
To which the reporter surmised
He’ll live in the sea when he’s capsized

They made the boat ready to sail
The reporters converged without fail
I fear it will be more than a year before he… and his family reunite
But you never know, if there’s a miracle, he’ll stay upright

Fast and swift and barely six… months old
[As the boat sails away we hear crying through a baby monitor]
He’s Billy the Infant Sailor

You never know, he might stay upright
You never know, he might stay upright
[With a flourish]
Ol’ Billy

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