Monday, February 23, 2009

Jerry Lewis Protested at the Oscars

Jerry Lewis received the humanitarian Oscar last night ‘cause god knows he’d never be nominated for acting. The weirdest thing that I learned about Jerry last night was, through an offhanded mention during the usual technical awards brush off, that he invented video assist. I doubt he invented it per say, he probably just said let’s use that video tape doohickey machine on the film cameras so that the director can see what’s being shot instead of trusting the camera man to get it. And then he patented the use.

Initially I was wondering why Eddie Murphy of all people would be presenting the award to Jerry but then I remembered that he remade “The Nutty Professor.” So what better way to make you feel more alive and vital then to have the guy who remade one of your movies, because it’s been that long since you made it, be the one who present your greatest award to you.

That was on the inside of the Kodak Theatre. On the outside of the Kodak Theatre there were people protesting Lewis’ telethon as it causes you to take pity on people with muscular dystrophy. Take pity and send 800 million dollars over the years to help cure it. While they’re at it, they should protest something more important like the airing of any of Jerry Lewis’ films.

Watch him say “fag” on his telethon. I’m sure Harvey Milk would have approved. And talk about being uncomfortable with female comedians making fart noises with their armpits. I assume he means his five-year-old niece. And then the topper to his antiquated views “You don’t want to be pitied for being a cripple in a wheelchair. Stay in your house.” The Oscars didn’t slip that nugget into the highlight reel.

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