Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama prefix is the new Gate suffix

The only other time I’ve ever seen a prefix take off like this was amongst the Smurfs. And like the smurfs, there don’t seem to be negative Obama prefixes, unlike the use of the popular gate suffix in conjunction with a scandal. And they are almost all nicknames for inspired individuals rather than negative events like gate is. The one negative Obama based word that comes to mind is the suffix blend use in NObama. But at least once people start using his name in a negative suffix or prefix way, we’ll get to cut down on the use of gate. I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch but below are Obama inspired word combinations and Watergate inspired uses of the word gate. One day, FOX News created or not, there will be an Obamagate and the prefix and suffix will collide.

Smurftastic Obamacombos (I don’t know if there’s a term for these things but I’m coining it):

Obamastration = Obama Administration

Obamabration = Obama Celebration

Obamamama = Michelle Obama or Mothers who support Obama

Obamanation = People who support Obama

Obamariffic = Describing something as terrific

Obamanominator = Superdelegate who nominated Obama

Obamacan = Republican who crossed over party lines to vote for Obama

Obamacrat = Democrats who support Obama

Obamafication = Being excited for change due to Obama

Obamafied = Adopting a Yes We Can attitude

Obama’d = Being effected by Obama

Obamabration = To party in the name of Obama

Obamatarian = Avid Obama supporter

Obamatized = Being moved by Obama’s speeches

Obamatopia = The White House with Obama in it, play on Camelot term for Kennedy
White House

Obamauguration = Obama inauguration

Obamazon = Female Obama supporter

Obamerica = US under Obama’s leadership

Obamicon = Making yourself into an Obama marketing poster

Obaminator = Hard working Obama campaigner

Obaminatrix = Hard working female Obama campaigner

Obamaniac = Person obsessed with Obama


Simpson’s Weightgate = Is the laziest use I’ve ever seen. Jessica Simpson gained weight = scandal

Monicagate = Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton sex scandal

Nannygate = Government officials not paying taxes on their nannies

Troopergate = Arkansas state troopers sex scandal involving Bill Clinton or Sarah Palin’s firing of the Alaskan state public safety commissioner for not firing her former brother-in-law state trooper

Whitewatergate = Clinton investment scandal

Travelgate = Firings of White House Travel Office employees

Hookergate = Defense contractors bribed congressman for political favors – I’m not sure why it’s called Hookergate, and I really don’t care to investigate.

Rathergate = The memo shown on 60 Minutes that took down Dan Rather

Nipplegate = Justin Timberlake exposing Janet Jackson’s nipple at the Superbowl halftime show

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