Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day Pagan Holiday Just Like Christmas

Sure, the names represent a Christian origin: St. Valentine and Christ. Though, even that’s debatable. But let’s just cover the pagan rituals. Juno, the Roman goddess of women, was celebrated in a pagan festival every February 15th. This morphed over the years into a celebration on Feb 14th. The St. Valentine connection has been attributed to two different priests who were martyred. It’s likely they were the same person, like Jesus and God, but both were said to send correspondence and thus they were called: “Valentines.” Of course, since they were clergy, they had no romantic inclinations and therefore the connection to romance takes us back to the Roman Goddess of women. ‘Cause ladies are all about romance.

And then, there’s Cupid. Originally he had a homosexual agenda. Making men fall in love with men and women fall for women. But in “The Aeneid”, Virgil made Dido fall for Aeneas at the hands of Cupid, so that was that. Someone wrote it down and then some of us read it in English class and then fat guys started wearing diapers and tiny wings.

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