Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Castle, It’s Just a TV Show

“Castle” premiered on ABC last night. And I have one rhetorical question (I know there’s no such thing as a rhetorical question on the internet) to ask. Do you like tried and true guy goofs off while girl is straight laced and not having any of his hilarious sexual innuendo? Then this is the show for you.

Nathan Fillion of “Firefly” is the goof off novelist whose plot lines are being copied by a killer. This actor has made his living playing flawed yet likeable. But on the topic of the plot of the show, I think the funny man straight man dynamic has been replaced by the funny man straight girl dynamic. Or more recently the funny guy funny guy dynamic. “Sahara,” “National Treasure,” really any bounty hunting vehicle shows this well. I mean, it’s not just the girl isn’t funny thing, it’s the girl is the responsible one thing. “Knocked Up,” you know, you can just keep going and going and going.

Now that women have been accepted consistently as action stars, to the point of it being formula, the next break through will be a woman being unreliably goofy. Ditzy is different. I mean sexually aggressive and dumb yet intelligent goofy. And I don’t care if you think women aren’t any of those things. It doesn’t matter, no one’s like anyone on TV. Something different. Something where the woman is irresponsible because she doesn’t care. That’s what I’m looking for. Like Sarah Silverman. See? Someone figured it out.

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