Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glenn Beck Schmuck Baits FEMA Camps

Glenn Beck talked about the existence of FEMA Camps on Fox & Friends in order to promote the topic for his own show later that evening. He even want so far as to say he can’t debunk FEMA camps. But then on his show later that day he said that the research isn’t complete and that it’s irresponsible not to debunk it so we’ll have to check back in a couple of days and he’ll explain it to us then. The most heartwarming part was when he told us that he “lost sleep” over something that doesn’t exist, like his sanity.

Then Ron Paul finally comes on the show to explain that there are fears that we have FEMA concentration camps but he hasn’t seen any. I think we can all come up with one: the New Orleans Super Dome during Hurricane Katrina. But the point is that Glenn is teasing a tease. He teased people earlier to watch his show and then when they came to watch his show he said “let me get back to you.” It’s what we in the sitcom biz call Schmuck Bait.

You plug that your main character is going to die on this week’s episode and everyone comes out to watch to see what will happen. Of course your main character won’t die on a sitcom. Sure “Lost” will kill off a character so you better tune in but a sitcom just sends them off to college or their mom’s house because they want to do movies. And predictably Beck didn’t have any evidence to prove or disprove their existence but if you stick around he’ll get Ron Paul to come on and say the exact same thing.

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